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Film and Video

My films and videos are documents of my ongoing investigation into my family and the Caribbean culture. My process features an emphasis on note-taking, a handmade quality and diaristic elements. Much of my work telescopes in on the places and moments where the natural and supernatural collide. My aesthetic is driven by magic. 

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Forged from the Love of Liberty


A visual poem about a family a curse, and 2 superstitions that surround it.

16mm handprocessed HiCon and Tri-X

4:45, 16mm Transfer to HD, 2016






Sixteen is my mother’s coming of age story. It is an exploration in memory and what time can change. The sound and image form a marriage between the past and the present in three layers: the story of a difficult childhood, the photos of a beautiful adulthood and the fragile cracking audio of a voice recounting these fading memories. These juxtapositions work simultaneously to tell the story of a coming of age that happened over the course of many years, but many years too late.


2015, 6:33, HD



Field Notes Still 3
Field Notes Still 2
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.47.10 AM
Field Notes Poster_edited
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ttff14 official selection_black
Field Notes Still 1
Field Notes

Field Notes is an experimental portrait of the ghosts embedded in the culture of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The film is structured as a visual and aural field guide to the ghosts spirits and jumbies througout the island: from personal tales about shapeshifters and bloodsuckers, to the ghosts of Trinidads past. The film focuses on the places where the natural and supernatural collide.

In her short film Field Notes (2014), artist Vashti Harrison explores Caribbean ghost stories and folk tales as told by her family members. Her approach to filmmaking is less an act of creating from pure imagination and more an act of capturing the eerie moments and stories that exist in real life. With a strong element of documentary provided by the handmade feel of the film, Field Notes sways whimsically between the real and the surreal.


- Shotgun Review, Noé Gaytán 


2014, 17:34  16mm









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Postcard Series


2013 Postcard Series in 3D: 


Sweet Dreams and Coconuts 5:00, 

On Top of Maracas 4:00, 

I love you Pitch Lake, 5:00


Presented in 3d, the films in this three part series function as moving postcards for three locations on the island nation of Trinidad


HD video

Pleasure Girl

 2010, 5:12 HD


Swan Gallery 2013

Binghampton Experimental Film Festival 2011

McIntire Department of Art Gallery 2011

The Niche Gallery 2011

Virginia Film Festival Student Gallery 2010

view more from the show here

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