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Do you take commissions/ Do you do artwork for others?


Unfortunately, no I do not. Thank you for your interest in working with me! I truly appreciate your support. I am working full time on books and my own work so I will not be taking on any additional work. 

What is a commission? 


In the simplest non-legal terms, it is you hiring me to make you some kind of art piece. Here are some examples of requests I often receive:

Can you draw me/my kids?

Can you make me a logo?

Can you design my wedding invites?

As mentioned above, unfortunately I cannot, but I am very flattered by your requests. 

I wrote a book, can you illustrate it?

Unfortunately I don't do any self published books at the moment. If you are looking to get it published with a big publisher I'd be happy to consider, but in that case it would then be a conversation between the publisher, art director, and my agent!

How do you get a book published?

Everything I learned about making kids books I learned through joining SCBWI - the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators. I met my agent at one of their conferences and got my first illustration contract through their network. 

Where can I buy your books?


Any bookstore! I don't sell my books personally, and it doesn't effect me where you buy from, but I'd love it if you support your local bookstore. If they don't currently have it in stock you ask them to order a copy for you. If you'd like to purchase online all links are available on this page

Can you animate something for me?


I'm not an animator! Whole different skillset from illustration. 

How do you do your illustrations?


Typically I work digitally in Photoshop with a Cintiq. I use a mixture of brushes that are meant to replicate Gouache and Watercolor. Sometimes I work on my iPad with my Apple Pencil, in that case it is usually just for fun or practice. Other times I play around with actual gouache, watercolor, India ink and crayons! 

Do you have any tutorials?


Yes! I partnered with Skillshare to create a digital Illustration tutorial. You can use this link to receive a free 2-Month Skillshare trial

Can I share your artwork?


Yes, as long as you tag me on instagram @vashtiharrison or something along the lines of "artwork by Vashti Harrison" I'd love for you to share my work!

My favorite is when you tag me as a person in the actual photo, if its in the comments I may not see it!

Can I use your work on my website/blog?


If you would like to share my work, that is no problem, just as long as you credit me!

Using my work to promote your website or blog requires a license and unfortunately I do not license any of my illustrations for that kind of use.


Can I put your work on t-shirts or bags?


My work may not be used for commercial use, or be changed, adjusted or built upon.


Where can I buy your artwork?

Find out more on my Shop page!


Why don't you make every piece of art available for purchase? 

Some of the pieces I draw are too small to print. I like to work tiny in photoshop sometimes to really see the texture in my brushes, or to work faster. So sometimes they will not resize well to print or put on shirts etc. Other times Im nervous about the copyright. And other times I feel uncomfortable making a profit off of an image. And sometimes if a piece will be used in an upcoming project it may not be ready for merchandizing. 


Do you have any books of your work?

Not yet, hopefully soon.


Thanks so much for reading!

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