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Event Requests + Contact​


Let me help direct you to the right contact!

  • Book-Related Conference/Panel/Event

I'm happy to do book-related events. It really helps your request if you identify a specific book you'd like to focus discussion on. That way we can loop in a publicist from that books respective publisher. 

Big, Little Leaders/Dreamers/Legends, Hello Star: Shivani Annirod

Hair Love:Elyse Marshall


Sulwe: Lisa Moraleda

I Love You Like Yellow: Hallie Patterson

  • School Visit/Virtual School Visits 

Unfortunately due to the volume of requests, I have put a pause on scheduling school visits. Please consider checking out these previously recorded events: 

A read-aloud event with PBS Books:


Drawing with Vashti Tutorials:


  • General Event​​


You can reach me at


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