Part author - Illustrator - filmmaker Vashti Harrison is an artist originally from Onley, Virginia. She has a background in cinematography and screenwriting and a love for storytelling. She earned her BA from the University of Virginia with a double major in Media Studies and Studio Art with concentrations in Film and Cinematography. She received her MFA in Film and Video from CalArts where she rekindled a love for drawing and painting. Now, utilizing both skill sets, she is passionate about crafting beautiful stories in both the film and kidlit worlds.

Her Experimental films and videos focus on her Caribbean Heritage and folklore. They have shown around the world at film festivals and venues including the New York Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival and Edinburgh International Film Festival. Find out more 

For publishing Vashti is represented by Carrie Hannigan at HG Literary.

Please contact Carrie at carrie@hgliterary.com

For film and television, Vashti is represented by Mary Pender at UTA. Please contact Mary at penderm@unitedtalent.com


"Folklore, fables and fairy tales explore universal human truths through simple narratives and character relationships. They tell us about our past, our culture, and ourselves. They create a sense of wonder, transport us to other realms, take us on adventures, return us to the enchanted, restore order to a chaotic world, and perhaps most important, turn us into detectives of humanity and life as we search for answers to simple questions. They break down our complexities into right and wrong and turn our convoluted feelings into basic human emotions. All of this against a backdrop of dark forests, magic islands and secret gardens."


-Vashti Harrison Artist Statement excerpt